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The breakthrough in the research of amorphous alloy materials in our country can greatly improve th.

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In recent days, China has made a breakthrough in the research of amorphous alloy atomic structure, which is published online in the journal science. Amorphous alloy is one of the countries around the world are scrambling to develop an important new materials, from smart phone shell to penetrator, from transformer to professional golf clubs of the steel, the new material has extensive application prospect.
There have been significant breakthroughs in the study of amorphous alloys in our country, and the American vitreloy alloy is often made into liquid metal, which is actually a amorphous alloy material
The vitreloy alloy in the United States is often a liquid metal, which is actually a amorphous alloy material
The ming-wei Chen, a professor in the school of materials science and engineering of Shanghai jiaotong university, led the international team in the atomic structure of amorphous alloy research breakthrough, for the first time in the experiment on the characterization of amorphous important structural unit icosahedron atomic space configuration of clusters, cluster and prove icosahedron radicals of geometric instability is origin of the structure of the crystalline form.
Experts believe that the study is another major progress was made in research on the crystal structure, will promote in the amorphous many basic scientific problems, such as glass transition problems, such as amorphous deformation mechanism research, provide guide for exploring new amorphous materials. The results are published online in the journal science. The study was funded by the national natural science foundation.
At present, the amorphous alloy using main areas including, power electronic components, such as advanced audio tartar, hf power supply transformer, reactor, magnetic amplifiers, etc. Non-crystalline metals companies in the United States and Hitachi metals of Japan are among the leading applications of amorphous alloys. In addition, the record of the widely used cd-rw engraving disc has also been applied to the amorphous principle.
The U.S. liquid metal company USES vitreloy to make golf clubs
The U.S. liquid metal company USES vitreloy to make golf clubs
At present, in the field of amorphous alloy materials research, in addition to have been one of the more common use of the application of excellent magnetic properties of amorphous materials, the use of amorphous alloy material of special properties such as strength and hardness of the new material. These amorphous alloys can play a significant role in the following areas.
1, the aerospace field Using high strength of bulk amorphous alloy, than the stiffness of the excellent mechanical properties, make aviation spacecraft's main frame, truss structure, bearing, reflector support structure material, a large proportion of lose weight, can be equivalent to raise the aircraft engine thrust ratio.
A variety of high-strength tools made using amorphous alloys
A variety of high-strength tools made using amorphous alloys
2 weapons, military field Because of the bulk amorphous alloy materials in high speed load under the action of high dynamic fracture toughness, the penetration of metal when good self-sharpening, one is the first selection of armor-piercing core material. The fracture toughness of the Zr base amorphous alloy developed in foreign countries can reach 60Mpa. M1/2, which is the most outstanding penetrating material of the body. The high hardness properties of large amorphous alloys can also be used as armour protection materials such as armor and bulletproof vest. It is reported that our country in this field also has been made, according to online public related academic papers, our country in this field in the study of project such as zirconium block amorphous alloy projectiles. With current compared to the commonly used depleted uranium alloy armor-piercing core, this material can not only avoid the residual radioactive terrible hangover, and it will wear a performance than the existing materials have greatly improved.
An unnoticeable part of the iPhone is made of non-crystalline alloys
An unnoticeable part of the iPhone is made of non-crystalline alloys
Precision machinery and automotive industry use non-crystalline structure to produce highly accurate and non-defective pinion gearing. Using high hardness, high wear-resisting performance can make the hydraulic cylinder, piston and other wear-resisting parts, which can greatly improve its service life.
Currently, countries such as China and the United States are studying the use of special amorphous alloys, which will be more powerful than existing tungsten alloys and uranium alloys
4, chemical industry, using the characteristics of its corrosion resistance to a variety of media, can use bulk amorphous alloy material preparation of corrosion resistant parts, can greatly increase its service life.
The corrosion resistance of large amorphous alloys in medical and sports equipment can be the preferred material for fixed fracture splints and nails. Excellent ratio stiffness, stronger than strength and high hardness is the best material for advanced sports such as horizontal bars, parallel bars and poles. At the ball of the golf club, a large amorphous alloy material has been successfully applied.
Amorphous alloy material is different from the atomic structure of ordinary metal material, right is amorphous alloy material
Amorphous alloy material is different from the atomic structure of ordinary metal material, right is amorphous alloy material
6, other aspect use its high chemical activity can produce excellent chemical reaction catalytic and optical materials, with its excellent soft magnetic, hard magnetic properties can be used as upgrade alternative to traditional magnetic materials, using the expansion of the unique features such as physical properties can be used to manufacture all kinds of precision parts with higher sensitivity and thermal bimetal device, in addition to use its at a specific temperature superplasticity and superplastic deformation processing can be realized.
Although the use of amorphous material has a long history, but the human understanding of its structure and performance is not very clear, there are still a lot of the long-standing basic scientific problems. The fundamental reason for this is that the amorphous structure cannot be effectively tested. Amorphous representation becomes the bottleneck that restricts the development of amorphous physics and materials.
Amorphous alloy research as a whole in China started later than in the United States and Japan, but developing rapidly, especially after entering the new century, in the research and industry has made great progress. Overall manufacturing level of ascension, along with our country resume, stable investment mechanism of scientific research and innovation system for our country finally catch up with the advanced world level provides the best opportunity.
Future application of amorphous alloy materials
Future application of amorphous alloy materials
China from 1976 began to study in the field of amorphous alloy, the state ministry of science and technology from "the purpose of" five consecutive five-year plan will be the development and industrialization of amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy on major scientific research projects. Built in September 2000, annual output of 600 tons of amorphous distribution transformer core production line, the first successful spewing 220 mm amorphous broadband, is a raw tea capacity of thousand tons of crystal strip as the world's top three. During the tenth five-year plan period, the development of nanocrystalline materials and their products was listed as a major scientific and technological breakthrough plan. Now, at last, this breakthrough has been achieved.

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